Here are some first-hand accounts from our students…

Box Making


“The box making course with Remy was absolutely brilliant.  Booking and communication with the company was flawless and easy.  My final product looked great thanks to a small helpful class and a lot of one-on-one guidance from the instructor.

The venue was very clean and well equipped, thus everyone had their own bench and tools provided.

Highly recommend and looking forward to doing another course!”

Furniture Restoration


Just completed a weekend 2 day Furniture Restoration Course with Ben. Between us in class we had both fine furniture and just pieces from home that needed some love. Ben tailored the course to our individual interests & levels and made sure that we learned techniques from all the pieces being restored in class.

It was so enjoyable & satisfying to be able to salvage an almost destroyed mid century coffee table rather than dump it in hard rubbish. And my water ring stained bedside tables are now glowing with the love they received.

Easier than expected and accessible for all levels of restorerer, from hobbyist to expert looking to still learn.


I did the furniture restoration course with the aim of rejuvenating some of my grandparents old furniture. Ben was a lot of fun to work with and had so many little tips and tricks. I had no prior knowledge going into this course and Ben had the patience to talk through issues and made sure he got around to all the participants.


“I can’t speak highly enough on the help Kym and Rob gave prior to the course in the supply of veneers (from Australian Premier Veneers, their other business) on my current piano project.  The course was very insightful.  Ben, the teacher, has great knowledge and provides practical steps to restore period pieces.  He provided me with techniques that were simple and in keeping with the period.”


“Great Furniture Restoration Course which was very well organised in a spacious, clean woodworking factory environment.

Master and respected restorer, Ben Hodgetts provided a very interesting and informative program for our hands-on restoration projects.

This was a very well structured 2-day program which provided knowledge and inspiration. My 4 pieces of furniture comprised of a 3-drawer French Biedermeier chest of drawers, English oak pot cabinet from the early 1900s, early Australian blackwood pedestal and a Danish mid-century side table.

The workshop was outstanding as Ben guided us through our projects with his expert knowledge, anecdotes and tips in a passionate and fun working environment.

I can highly recommend this course to anyone interested in restoring pieces of furniture which have been passed down or acquired over the years, in need of some care and attention.

Ben’s enthusiasm to transfer his knowledge in a relaxed and entertaining way makes this course one of the best I have ever attended.”


Introduction to Straw Marquetry


“I attended the Straw Marquetry workshop. Very interesting medium to work with.  I appreciated learning from Laura who has a great reputation in the industry and highly knowledgeable.  It blows my mind that straw has its own natural silica, and that’s why it is so shiny!  Great course and easy to get the hang of with a little bit of practice and patience.  Thank you.”


“What an unexpected delight.  Recently a weekend opened up and I was able to secure the last place in the Introduction to Straw Marquetry course held at MWC.  The course tutor shared her expertise from the outset, encouraging a very hands-on approach, such that the second day was spent on each student’s own design.  The reward for me was not only a sense of achievement but the confidence to continue to grow in experience on my own in the weeks ahead.  Highly recommended!” 


Make your own Side Table


“I did the 4 day Make your own Side Table course with Rob. It was one of the best courses I’ve ever done (having tried my hand at a few crafts).

Rob created a course that allowed us to choose some elements of design while the core creations were structurally similar. It meant we were able to be quite autonomous for most of the time once he’d run us through a bit of relevant theory, shared interesting and helpful information, answered our questions and taken us through the steps for that session.

Rob was incredibly kind and generous with his time and energy. For a beginner, he patiently assisted me where necessary and encouraged us to give things a go whilst being gentle on the ego and assisting us when we found ourselves a little astray!

The relatively small group size meant Rob was able to support us all, and while he was busy with others, he’d ensured there was always something else we could go on with.

Can’t believe the side table I made looks so good 😉 Would love to do more courses with Rob in the future!” 


“Rob Fabris was patient, explained techniques clearly and encouraged everyone in the class. He is very knowledgeable about woodwork and I left the class with a lot more knowledge than I expected. I brought home a stylish side table as my first project and am delighted with the result.” 


“As part of the generation that was exposed to hand tool woodworking at high school, but with the knowledge acquired during such lessons having long perished, I really enjoyed the side table course.  Rob’s considered guidance and instruction has no doubt saved me much frustration, time, money and saved some trees from being needlessly cut down.  What was particularly helpful is the context for each step, not just for the finished work, but in a broader sense.  The rooms are well-equipped and thoughtfully laid out.”

Veneering Techniques


“The veneering techniques course was most interesting and highly informative.  Rob’s veneer knowledge and process to work with it is very impressive.  Great course and extremely highly recommended if undertaking projects where veneer would add value.” 


“I enjoyed the course immensely and got plenty out of it. I like the delivery style which allows lots of time for questions and random items. The space has a nice feel to it and is spotless!  Makes me want to quit my job and work there.” 

Wood Finishing


“This course was brilliant.  It was presented in an engaging manner where the participants were able to apply finishes in various manners and see the impact.  We even were able to take the samples home so we could appreciate how some finishes develop over time.

Richard engaged with all of the participants and delightfully answered any and all questions. It was a bonus to have Rob there as well to show us around their brilliant facilities. For any wood worker their setup at Melbourne Woodworking Courses is like an Aladin’s cave. I have already signed up for their make your own Side Table and will be keeping an eye out for other courses in the future.

This is a wonderful business that I would highly recommend.”

Weekly Classes


“I have been under Bruce Moonie’s tutorage for 12 years now. He is extremely knowledgeable about woodwork. What I love is his clear communication, his great teaching style and his expertise in explaining different approaches. I have been very pleased with all the furniture I have made under his guidance. The class is very convivial and I look forward to my woodworking day every week.”


“I have been attending daytime classes for over a year now and have to say that I look forward to the beginning of each term. I have had the same Tutor, Andrew Gibbs during this time. Andrew is a seasoned wood worker who is extremely patient and has a very approachable nature. His knowledge base is vast and his guidance through the many facets needed to complete a project makes the whole experience very enjoyable. Andrew has the qualities of a fine teacher who has that rare gift of instilling confidence to students such as myself who have not picked up a Wood Plane since the High school days of the seventies!

The classes are small enough so that everyone has good access to all the tools and machinery needed. My fellow students are also very friendly and helpful and the whole environment makes learning woodworking so much fun. I especially look forward to the coffee break and getting to know my fellow students. It’s a nice social environment. Rob and Kym who run the whole show make you feel very welcomed.

If you want to learn the woodworking skills needed to complete the projects that you have always dreamed of doing, no matter your level of competence, then I can highly recommend Melbourne Woodworking Courses. It’s a fun place with great people!”



“I attended Andrew Gibbs’ tutor groups for a number of years and found them to be fantastic. Andrew is a teacher extraordinaire – hugely experienced, and always helpful, encouraging and supportive. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Andrew is supported by Rob and Kym who work tirelessly to provide the very best learning environment. Happy and rewarding times. “ 


“Not only is Carl Lutz a master craftsman, he is a great teacher. Carl is somebody who takes the time with his students to assess and improve their skills, and help them produce a quality project that gives them the satisfaction of creating something worthwhile and that they can be proud of. Carl is pragmatic while providing patient guidance, for example, if you want to build a piece using hand tools only he will train you in the correct techniques and work with you to achieve that, but if you want to take advantage of the machinery that is available to deliver a quality product in a shorter timeframe then he will support you to do that. Over my time with Carl, I have progressed from simple projects such as book shelves through to complex projects like dining chairs and I have appreciated his support and training throughout that journey and progression of my skills.”


“Rob Fabris is a fantastic tutor with a broad knowledge of traditional and contemporary woodworking techniques.  With his assistance I have completed several different pieces.  Friends and family are astounded by the quality of the output, particularly given I had very little experience with woodworking prior to joining Rob’s class.”


I’ve been studying with Bruce Moonie for 2+ years and have always been impressed with how he can troubleshoot any issues you run into. His knowledge and approach to furniture making are professional and relaxed and gives you the option of how to best tackle a project.”


Andrew Gibbs has been my woodworking tutor for a year. Right from the very first session he developed an excellent rapport with me that has continued. He is very experienced and adept at assisting newbies especially when they make mistakes. He has taught me to thoroughly design my projects, wood selection and wood grains, joining wood, how to safely use both large and small machines, and especially the importance of preparing timber for the use in furniture making.

Several members of my woodworking group have been with Andrew for many years and their skills are incredible. I was welcomed from the very beginning and the willingness of other members to share their skills and ideas is testament to Andrew’s ability in creating a culture of teamwork and mutual respect, no matter where your skill level lies. Each week I keenly look forward to my woodwork class and working on my current project.”


Rob Fabris has been my tutor for over 4 years. He is a great teacher – knowledgable, patient, always ready to help and share his extensive knowledge with his students. I look forward to every class and learn something new every time!”


I’m one of Andrew Gibbs many loyal students. Whether teaching beginners or the most accomplished, Andrew offers expert, constructive teaching and has a great eye. He is also a kind man, thoughtful and with a good sense of humour. He sets the tone for a professional but happy morning, and I think we all feel like that!”


I joined a morning tutor group led by Bruce Moonie. I was a complete novice. Bruce took me through my initial project, a side table, helping me with techniques, design and the use of the right tools for the job. He also taught me how to fix my numerous mistakes. At all times the emphasis was on quality and safety.
Bruce has a warm friendly personality, a wealth of knowledge and gift for teaching.”


“I have been a student of Bruce for over 2 years. He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things wood working. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to him discuss the use of different materials, design and forestry in Australia. He has a pragmatic approach which enables students to get to their desired outcomes in a timely manner. His industry experience as a teacher really shows in how he describes, demonstrates and execute techniques. I highly recommend Bruce as he really is a master teacher and craftsman.” 


“I have been a student of Andrew Gibbs for over 6 years. I came to him with no knowledge, or terminology of woodworking and quite nervous.  He has been patient, informative and very respectful of my lack of skill. I felt confident in his teaching methods and approach, and realised that I could not ask a stupid question and every problem has a solution. I have happily enjoyed my journey with him and hope to continue in the future, as there is always more to learn.”


“After completing Rob Fabris’ excellent Woodwork for Beginners – Make your own Side Table course last year, I went on to three consecutive terms tutored by Bruce Moonie. I enjoyed all of them, and learned much while making a small jewellery box, then a display frame, and a medium sized table. Bruce is a great teacher. I could not have done these projects without him. He attends to all the members of the class, giving clear guidance, and (most necessary in my case) showing how to recover from a blunder without making you feel an idiot. I intend to enrol in his class again this term.”


“I have been in Bruce Moonie’s class for a long time and find him extremely knowledgeable and flexible.  He is a good teacher who supports everyone in our tutor group at their own pace and ability levels.  His classes are fun and relaxed, and he is great to work with.”


“Andrew Gibbs is the ideal tutor. Always easy going and pleasant, he is skilled, diligent and patient with everyone. He makes the class totally enjoyable at all times.”


“I have been in a small woodwork tutorial group led by Rob Fabris for over five years. Under his leadership the group provided from the outset both hands-on and theoretical knowledge of the craft of furniture making. Rob has done this by providing a friendly and relaxed environment that makes attending the class an enjoyable experience, and something to look forward to each week. What’s more, he has the skill and experience to help members of the group rectify any specific problems they may have with their projects.”


“I have known Andrew Gibbs for over ten years. Before that I had over twenty years teaching people to be industrial trainers. Just observing Andrew as a tutor, he applies all the correct methodology because it comes naturally to him. As long as I have known him it has been obvious that he has a very patient way with learners whilst always starting with any dangers or risks inherent in any particular operation or equipment. It doesn’t take very long for Andrew’s philosophy of “think about what you are about to do before you do it because every tool or machine will bite you if it can, or if you let it.”

For people with prior experience, Andrew has this beautiful technique of asking people about what they want to do and how they intend to do it. Then he makes his contribution, quite often suggesting  ” I would probably do it like this………” and because of his credibility and experience it only leaves the fine points to be agreed.”  

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